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NSU Fields

NSU Home Fields

Our Main Home Fields:
PWSB Soccer Park (formerly Harris Fields)
N143 W6499 Layton Street, Cedarburg

Locations for Rec Practice:
Parkview Elementary School
Alliance Bible Church
Wegman Park
Georgetown Park
Prairie Park

Practice Location for Select Teams:
Airport Practice Fields 

PWSB Soccer Park Rules

1. Only players and coaches are allowed on the artificial turf.  Spectators are not allowed on the field before, after or during games without permission form an authorized representative of North Shore United. 

2. No colored sports drinks, candy or gum will be allowed onto the  turf surface for any reason.  

3. No tents, chairs, umbrellas, or team benches will be allowed on the turf surface for any reason.  Do not move the metal benches from the sidelines for small sided games. 

4. No dogs, cats or other domestic animals are allowed at PWSB park.  Any guests seen accompanied by and animal will be asked to remove them from the premises immediately. 

5. No smoking allowed anywhere in PWSB park. 

6. No trespassing in the wooded areas around PWSB park for any reason other than to retrieve a ball.  Anyone found trespassing in the woods will be asked to leave the premises. 

7. No practicing on the turf field unless accompanied by an authorized NSU coach or executive committee member. 

8. Please pick up all trash when finished.  This applies to both players and spectators.