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Goalkeeping Philosophy

North Shore United takes great pride in recognizing the importance of the goalkeeping position within the soccer club. The modern day goalkeeper is a unique position within the sport of soccer. Not only has the goalkeeper got to be an individual within the team set up but he/she is also a vital part of the overall team. At North Shore United our goalkeeping philosophy is to give all our goalkeepers the time and patience to be able to develop their goalkeeping skills in an environment that will teach the goalkeepers the four main pillars of the game. Technical, tactical, physical and psychological. The following information will help give parents a quick overview of our club philosophy of this position and the importance of it as a goalkeeper. At North Shore United all our goalkeepers are taught to understand the following.

·      Ability to deal with announced and unannounced balls at different heights and pace.

·      Have a presence in goal and have an aggressive starting position

·      Make good decisions when dealing with crosses

·      Leadership in games and training

·      Be an excellent shot stopper and limit rebounds

·      Be comfortable on the ball under pressure and use a range of distribution to start an attack with hands and feet

·      Have an excellent tactical knowledge of when to come and when to stay in different situations

·      Always be in position to receive a back pass to give you the most time and space

·      To be a good communicator in preventing shots, crosses and through balls