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CHW to Offer Concussion Baseline Testing and Injury Risk Assessment

By Tricia Hotchkiss, 07/21/17, 4:30PM CDT


On Wednesday, August 2 from 5:30-7:30pm, Children's Hospital of Wisconsin Mequon Clinic and Delafield Clinic will be holding baseline concussion testing for young athletes (ages 10+) on August 2.  The cost is $25 per child.  During this testing, children will receive three baseline evaluations administered by their sports medicine staff:

1. Cogstate computerized neurological testing
2. BESS test (Balance Error Scoring System)
3. King-Devick test 

Baseline concussion tests are given to healthy athletes before a concussion happens. After an injury, another test may be done. The results then can be compared to measure the athlete's brain function before and after the injury. This helps sports medicine specialists improve concussion care and make return-to-play decisions.

As part of NSU's ongoing partnership, Children's Hospital of Wisconsin will be also offering FREE Injury Risk Assessments for all NSU players 8-18 years old prior to the start of the fall season.  The Injury Risk Assessment will be held in conjunction with Baseline Concussion Testing at the CHW Mequon Clinic from 5:00-7:00pm. 

CHW physical therapists will perform an orthopedic screen to help identify potential injury risks related to limitations in flexibility, strength, body mechanics and running form not only highlighting areas for improvement but also providing educational materials and exercises that will help reduce these risks.  Spaces are limited so early sign up is recommended. 

These events are held in conjunction with one another however you must sign up for each assessment separately - call 414-337-8000 for Baseline Concussion testing; click here to sign up for the Injury Risk Assessment.

Athletes can participate in both assessments just ensure that sign up times do not overlap when registering.