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NSU Alumni Girls Update

By Matt McLaughlin 09/20/2019, 3:45pm CDT

2002 Girls Finish Record Season

By Tricia Hotchkiss 08/31/2019, 9:00am CDT

NSU Sends U18 and U14 Boys to State Cup Semifinals

By Shannon Smyth 05/31/2019, 2:00pm CDT

NSU Academy Program Prepares and Challenges Players

By Mick Collins 05/20/2019, 12:15pm CDT

Final Regional League Weekend

By Shannon Smyth 05/16/2019, 9:30am CDT

Three Teams Earn Top Title

By Tricia Hotchkiss 11/09/2018, 3:00pm CST

NSU Sends Four Teams to State Competition

By Tricia Hotchkiss 10/26/2018, 5:15pm CDT

NSU U16 Girls Punch Their Ticket to Nationals

By Tricia Hotchkiss 07/03/2018, 5:15pm CDT

NSU U16 Girls Advance to Regional Finals

By Tricia Hotchkiss 06/26/2018, 10:00pm CDT

U17 Boys Advance to State Championship Game Tomorrow

By Tricia Hotchkiss 06/02/2018, 3:15pm CDT

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Displaying Results 1 - 10 of 163